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Iran is home to one of the oldest civilization
Iran is located on the west of asia and is the eighteenth largest country in the world, with an area of 1,648,195 km which approximately equals to United Kingdoms, France, Spain, and Germany combined together.
Tehran is the capital city and also the largest city of Iran which most of the industrial and economic centers of the country are located within this city and works as the heart of the country and one of the first places t visit by tourists to get a taste of what the country is like.

The clear and lucid springs, punicaceae, many pistachio gardens, enormous lining trees, the wander of tribes in different seasons, clear nights with full stars, sleeping volcanos covered with snow, the crowded trees jungles, large and tall mountains and the sea cost of Caspian Sea and Persian Golf are only few examples of the beauty of Iran that lies across the country.

One of the unique characters of land of Iran which makes it very special in tourism is the existence of soaring mountains, plateau and plains, leveled deserted areas, rivers and seas that causes the fact that every time of the year, you can see four different seasons in different areas of Iran in a way that in winter people enjoy water sports like swimming and jet ski by the Persian Golf and near the north and west of the country people enjoy the winter sports like skiing and on many of the cities along the Caspian sea people enjoy the beautiful spring weather. The high level of the iranian plateau and its latitude which is 1000meter higher that the sea, is another unique character of iran, large and tall ALBORZ mountains from the north and the ZAGROS mountains from the west and other mountains on the east have sorounded iran.

Iran is one of the most beautiful places in the world due to its variety of weather across the country and culture and history. Iran is filled with lean and unknown places that must be visited and are unique in its own way. In Iran you can see the four season at all times through deserts, mountains, jungles, oceans and simple nature. Here i want to introduce some of the nature based places that you must visit once in Iran.
Soobatan countryside is simply one of the most beautiful places in Iran. Soobatan is located on the mountains of Talesh. The best time to visit this places is during the summer when the whole area is covered with blossoms and tress. Due to the fact that this region is close to the Caspian sea, the weather is changing quiet often going from sunny to cloudy and to rainy in short amount of time. Soobatan region itself is filled with caves and lakes and other interesting parts that once visit must see. Also the local food is one of the things that you must try once visiting there.

Badab Soort springs are located next to Damavand mountains and are one of the top 3 natural must see places in the world. These springs have a unique structure and are colorful. Mineral deposits during the years have made a beautiful spring with orange, yellow and red colors.

Javaher Dasht is the place you go if you want to walk on the clouds. Due its special position on the Smamous peak near the Caspian sea, it overlooks the clouds and jungles located under the mountain. It’s extremely clean air and the exquisite view has made it the place for tourists and people of Iran to hike and enjoy their time.

Chabahar is one of the Port Oceanic of Iran and its located South-East of Iran. Chabahar has a moderate weather throughout the year and contains many tourist attracts within such as Hara Jungles, Stone Seasides and Alien Mountains.

Oraman and its surroundings is one of the places that each tourist should have in his list to visit. Oraman is a mountainous place in Kordestan province of Iran. Beautiful valleys and water filled springs and lake are some of the interesting places of Oraman to visit. If you ever visit Oraman you must try the local bread and visit Marivan and Zaricar lake.

Loot Desert meaning empty desert is a very large desert which has no plant and its filled with sands. Its diversity and some of its part are unique in the world, and the biggest sand pyramids and sand holes in the world are located in loot desert. In loot desert there are natural Phenomena called Kaloot which are there due to erosion of mountains and hills of clay which turns this desert to a Supernatural fantasy land. This place was called the fourth must see place in the world by the National Geography magazine.

Queshm Island Located on the Strait of Hormuz is the largest island in the world which is not a country. This island is the most beautiful island in the persian Golf which has an amazing and complex nature. Seasides and shows, salt cave, stars hills, Anjir mabad and the dams are some of the places that you must see when visiting this island.

Shooi Waterfall with 85 meter height and 70 meter width is located in Dezfoul province of Iran which is the biggest waterfall of middle east. Specially during the spring region stands all green and contains an amazing nature with different animals and flowers and acorn trees.

Oroumie Lake is located in the west Azarbaijan province of Iran and is the biggest lake of the country. This lake is 1267 meter above the sea level with 140 kilometers length and 20 to 50 kilometers width which changes in that range and 60 meter depth. The salt in this lake is twice more than the salt in oceans so it never freezes. The material inside the water and also the flowers around the lake has always been a source for local medicine processing. It is the largest lake in the middle east and the third largest saltwater lake on earth.
Samiram Waterfall with 35 meter height  is located 4 kilometer from Samiram city in Isfihan province. Very popular with tourists and a good place to have a picnic and enjoy the day.

Anzali Lagoon is a pond located on the Southerns beach side of the Caspian Sea near Anzali port in Gilan province of Iran. The pond is around 100 kilometer and the water from streams and rivers that are used for farming, end here and from beauty to its financial aspect and botany it stands strong.

Karun River is Iran’s most effluent and only navigable river in Ahvaz province of Iran. It is 720 km long and rises in the Zard Kooh mountains of the Bakhtiari district in the Zagros Range, receiving many tributaries, such as the Dez and the Kuhrang, before passing through the capital of the Khuzestan Province of Iran, the city of Ahwaz. Karun continues toward the Persian Gulf. It is specially beautiful during the night time. It is an amusement site which tourist can go and enjoy the shows and local food at night and take a boat to the river and enjoy themselves.

Shadegan Lagoon is located on the southern part of Shadegan city in Khuzestan province of Iran. This lagoon is about 400,000 acres. The surface of the water is covered with cattails and other floating plants and is a good place for aquatic birds, also in this lagoon you can find many different kind of fishes and birds like: Flamingo, Stork, Duck, Goose and etc. 
Large and tall Alborz mountains from the north and the Zagros mountains from the west and other mountains on the east and other parts of the country have surrounded Iran and have made it a mountainous country which the latitude of most of them is higher that 3500 meter.
Alborz mountains are the pure symbol of beauty of the north and have contained within themselves many thriving cities and villages. The mountains of Zagros are one of the largest and most glorious mountains of the world and its the source of many rivers and streams of Iran and most of its regions stands as the most beautiful regions of the world which are one of the tourism attraction and amazes tourists with its beauty.
Damavand mountain is the highest mountain of Iran which is always covered with snow and is the biggest volcano of middle east. This mountain is located on the center region of Alborz mountains. It contains many streams that run through containing warm water.
Dena is the highes montain of the series ZAGROS mountains which 4448 meter height and in located 35kilometers of Iasooj city. It is also the source of many streams and rivers.
Zardkooh known as Yellow Mountains with the height of 4200 meters is the second highest mountain of the series Zagros mountains. This mountain is located near Charmahal  province of Iran and is one of the water sources of the country. The tallest peak of this mountain is the Kloonchin peak with 4221 meter.

Taftan is the mountain and active volcano located on the south east of Iran with 4000 meter height and is the highest peak in that area. Due to the heavy wind and the very cold weather specially in the winter, reaching the peak of this mountain is quiet hard.

Toochal is located in the north of Tehran the capital city of Iran with the height of 3962 meter which is part of the series Alborz mountains. The peak of this mountains overlooks the city of Tehran. This mountain is equipped with Telecabine with the length of approximately 7500 meter which is one of the longest lines of Telecabine in the world. Toochal is a popular place for skiing and variety of winter sport for locals and tourists.

Ashtaran is one of the tallest mountain of series Zagros mountains which is located near the Lorestan province of Iran. There are many small rivers  running from this mountain which are beautiful and nice regions for having a picnic. This mountain is the home of many different animal species which protected by the environmental department such as bear, hyena, fox,boar, gazelle, eagle and many others.

Bibi Shahrbanoo is located on the south east of Tehran, the capital city. On this mountain near the peak there has been constructed a dome shaped building called Bibi. There is also a cave located right under the mountain which the locals use for lighting candles and praying.

 Sabalan is located on north-west of Iran and in the Lorestan province of Iran. Sabalan is the third highest mountain of Iran and its an sleeping volcano with 4881 meter height which on the peak of this mountain there is a small lake. Due to its warm water streams and lakes, beautiful nature on the mountain, and its ski resort, its a very popular place with tourists and locals,

Sahand is located west of Tabriz city of Iran with 3695 meter height which is very broad and wide and is also a sleeping volcano. Sahand is covered with snow throughout the year which could be a good example for Iran’s diversity across the country and the presence of four season throughout the year.

Merikhi Mountains known as Alien Mountains are very unique and beautiful mountain which are located near Chabahar city which are called alien mountains for its similarity to some sort of alien land. These mountains look like the moon surface and is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and a place that you must see before departing to the afterlife.

Katle Khor Cave is The calcareous cave and one of the big tourism attraction in Zanjan province of Iran. This cave is located 65 kilometer from the capital city. The cave and its surroundings date back to before Christ times. Actually the interior of inside of the cave is is set in a way that once you are in there it will take you to years before and the primitive people era. Mountains and warm streams have surrounded this region which has made it to one of the historical and tourism place in the city which is very interesting and enjoyable to visit.
Ghori Qaleh is the biggest and most amazing aquatic cave in the middle east and one of the biggest and most amazing in the world. It is located in the Kermanshah province of Iran and the origins of this cave dates back to 65 million years ago. This cave is 12 kilometer long and 3140 meters deep. The temperature of this cave is constant throughout the year and is about 11c. Once in that cave you can enjoy a boat ride around the cave to see the  different parts and also there are some halls that you can hike around in. Some parts of the cave, when touching the rocks they will release music notes which is one of the other reasons that this place attracts many visitors every year.

Karaftoo Cave is another calcareous cave that is located in Kurdistan province of Iran and is one of the tourism attraction for locals and tourists. Some parts of this cave is hand curved and contains inscriptions from the times before history. There is a Greek inscription on top of the one of rooms on the third floor that led historians to believe that it was Hercules room. Other that the valuable historical inscriptions and the beauty of the cave, the beautiful nature and the sleeping bats on the wall are some of other reasons that makes visiting this cave interesting.

Kharbas Cave is located 15 kilometers from Queshm city in Queshm Island. There are lot of stories about this mysterious cave and all the riddle like pictures inside it, and the fish hunting eagles and the sleeping bats only add more excitement to this cave.
Ali Sadr Cave  is located in Hamedan province of Iran and is the world’s largest water cave which attracts millions of visitors every year. Since the cave is situated between the large cities HamadanTehran, and Qom it is a highly recommended destination for Tourists from all corners of the world, because of it’s beauty. You can take a tour with the boats through the cave specially some deeper parts of the cave are only available to reach by boat ride.
There are lot of places in Iran that are worth watching and its hard to name all the places one by one, but there are some places that their visits are more prior to the other ones. Iran is the home to one of the oldest civilization and has a very long history and culture, so it has left many things behind from the past that shows the glory and the culture of what it used to be there. Architecture and art has always been one of the strongest suits of Iranians and Persians throughout the history and with what they have left us from their time we could somehow catch a glance of the beauty that they have achieved.
Takht Jamshid is a complex of glorious palaces and mansions from Achaemenid period which its building date goes back to 512 BC and it took 150 years to finish the building of this complex. This is a very vast complex that ends to the mountains on one end and to the flower fields and more of a green nature on the other end. Takht Jamshid is located 55 kilometers from Shiraz city of Iran and  is the example of excellence of the the dynastic city and is one the most important complex of the Achaemenid times and history. Its glorious long columns and vast palaces represents the power and the nature of the Persian empire and the glory that they have earned and left behind.

Chogha Zanbil is an ancient Elamite complex in the Khuzestan province of Iran. it is a unesco world heritage site

Anahita Temple is located on top of the mountains in the Kerman city of Iran. This temple was made only out of mud bricks and clay argil and was the praying place for the Anahita race of the very old days and even still represent the prayers of them. This temple was made approximately around 220 years B.C and has very historical values.

Jame Mosque is located in Isfihan city of Iran and is one of the oldest and most important praying building in the history specialty since the Islamic religion had enter the country. The size of this mosque is 170 in 140 meter and one of the rather big mosques in the country. It is not only famous by its praying site but most specially for the tile and wall designs which brings the beauty to life and gives it the meaning that you cant understand until you see it by yourself. It is also a world heritage site of UNESCO.
King Mosque is located in Isfihan city of Iran and is one of the very important building from architectural point of view. This building is the masterpiece of architecture, tile working and carpentry from the 11th century. The design and the characters is absolutely the resemble of the perfect Iranian architecture from that time and stands strong as the battle of beauty attacks.

Naghsh Jahan square is a Central square of the Isfihan city. It is the largest city square in the world. It is not only famous for its beauty and its vast but the big green garden and other historical buildings such as Kings Mosque and Ali Ghapoo add more value to the square and has made the square one of the very popular places to visit by tourism. Obviously if you visit Isfihan you are not going to miss this big central square anyway.

Siosepol meaning 33 arches is and i can strongly confirm one of the bridge architectural masterpieces from the Abbas king the first period and even now in Isfihan city. The bridge is 295 meter long during the kings period was a famous ceremony site that has been mentioned with many European kings of the time that visited the area. This bridge is even more beautiful at night with its resemblance on the clear water that brings the bridge to life.

Eram Garden is located in Shiraz city which is part of the Isfihan province. The building date of this structure goes back to 10th century and it used to be a summer home for the kings to enjoy the beauty of the building. This place has been called the ‘Heaven on Earth‘ by the tourists who have visited this place. The beauty of this place is so glorious that will make all the pain and problems in your life go away.

Chehelsotoon meaning Forty Columns is one of the historical building in Isfihan city which is constructed in middle of a garden that has a vast of 67000 meter. This building is made out of 20 columns but because of its reflection in the water it appears to be magical 40 columns and that’s why it has the name forty columns. Also there are a lot of masterpiece mosaic drawings inside the building that some are still there and some are in the biggest museums of the world.

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